Part 3: Final Interviews and an offer....

@sanell (2114)
United States
August 13, 2008 11:36pm CST
Well I talked with a company on Monday to be given an offer. The offer is okay but I heard even more information that made me realize that I really can not take that position. I would have to wait an Entire year before I could even get any type of benefits for the family. I feel bad that I am stringing this company along but I want to make sure I still have other options before I give a final answer. Even though I know i need to close the door on this opportunity it is all I can do to want to keep it open until I have some more answers to other opportunities that have fell into my lap. I know that I can not keep doing what i am doing, and I would prefer to take the job with the company I had my final interview with today. Although I am not sure what the answer is truly going to be other than them saying they would be in touch with me and I should hear soon, that is about all the information I have received. I am so nervous and at the same time worried. I want to hear them make an offer really bad, but at the same time something in me is saying I may not get an offer, it could be the pessimist in me, and maybe that is good to have, to have that in my head that not every job is going to be offered even if you are "to yourself" the perfect candidate....if I cam across in anyway as someone they did not like or who knows what else, I just do not know. I know that I am good at interviewing based on the questions they had asked me. I know that I have the experience they are looking for, but I know it is beyond that of the position they are looking to fill, now that is not to say that maybe it is just the stepping stone and they are looking to start a trainee and then move them forward but again I am not totally sure. So I have to just wait and see. The interview went well enough for me to feel satisfied that I did the best of my ability and that I was able to answer questions with positive verbal and physical cues from them so that was satisfying. I am at least glad that it has been done, Why I was so antsy is beyond me just that I am so ready to get things I am still going to look for other opportunities because there is still the possibility that I may not be extended an offer. In regards to the last opportunity, I was told that they are going through interviews and just began interviewing many, so if I am to hear from them really it will not be until another week has passed. I did ask if there were other interviews to prepare for or what not, and all they said was "not really but if there are we will contact you to let you know" I think that for that position, I am a good fit but that I do not have the experience to back it up, I think that I do, but I just got my license, it would be an entry level position which makes the most sense, but I have not been selling for very long, maybe that makes me the perfect candidate, there are downfalls with that job too but not as many as the one I will Have to turn down when I was extended an offer this past monday. I will let you know what does finally play out. In the meantime I need to do some more applying as a just in case. Thanks to all of you for supporting me while I vent here, it really has been great and you are all so wonderful to keep me calm and tell me where you think things are too. I like to get others perspectives.
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