My sister son is going to join Residential school

@rkrish (3003)
August 14, 2008 12:39am CST
My sister is propose to admit her son into residential school. As he is always crazy in playing and never touches the book. He is now doing is 7th std and she propose to put him in residential school !! We would like to know is it a better option What are the ways he may get impact in bad habits
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@debu004 (182)
• India
14 Aug 08
Residential school doesnt mean that they are bad from other schools.Like other schools residential school also have some advantages and some diadvantages.The advantage is that here they learn to be self-dependent as they have to do their own works by themselves but this can result in severe stress on them as they get into that world at so early age.They learn things more quickly than other school students as they mix with different kinds of students and stay with them.They come to know the world better than any other students at their age.But one thing he might feel that his parents doesnt love him so they wanted him to stay away at residential school.Just try to make him convince that he will be a good human being if he stays at residential school rather than dropping him at the school forcibly.