how to attract a boy

August 14, 2008 7:09am CST
can anybody share his/her views that how to get the boys attracted towards yourself. please give suggessions and your experience from your life. it will certainly help many. what does boys like in a girl?
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@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
16 Aug 08
The best way to attract a boy is to have confidence. Stand or sit up straight, hold your head up high, shoulders back tummy in and think to yourself that you are beautiful. I swear that the boys will see you and think, wow who is that good looking girl. Try it. Go to the mall with your girl friends and see how many boys look at you when you are walking in the mall and thinking that you look great.
• Trinidad And Tobago
22 Jun 09
But what if there are many better looking girls than you? How do you get them to like you then? Especially when youre not the ebst looking girl there its quite hard to be so confident...
• Iran
16 Aug 08
hi it's a very intresting topic! I don't need to attract boys because I'm beautiful enough .I suggest you just gaze to them and laugh,do that and then you will see efficiency of this suggession. GoodLuck!
@mimico (3619)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
Well this is just about one of the questions I always ask my friends. I still don't know the answer, but let me share something I noticed about one of my gal pals. She's not exactly tomboyish, but she's homey in a way that makes guys think she's one of the boys. So they always ask her out and hang out with her then later on court her. She's not beautiful, but she's smart, funny, and quite ordinary looking. I think guys feel safe when they're with her. She's not the type of girl who'll expect guys to like her, nor does she have an agenda to land a guy. SO there. Hope this helps. :)