Spiritual people please try explaining this to me:

August 14, 2008 7:24am CST
Please if you are a good analyzer and a spiritual kind of a person try to explain this sentence: "Unity of Matter (in a higher state)" "all form is a manifestation from one root, the one thing, or ether" thanks guys.!
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• India
15 Aug 08
hi kamodachii I'm not a good analyzer, still i'm sharing my views. Unity of matter as well as energies are now widely analyzed by the quantum physics. like all the electrons in the universe have same properties. A matter is ultimately composed of elements like electrons. Science so far progressed to identify uniqueness among the basic elements. So it is projecting now to analyze the uniqueness among those basic elements known as oneness. Philosophically, it is said everything is being created by one and only one supreme power. And this supreme power is eternal. All the matters are different aspects of that supreme power. The theory of 'oneness' shows that all the matters in the universe were created from one source. Believers term this as god while scientist say this supreme power.
• United States
19 Aug 08
WOW. I was going to try to give my two-cents worth but after reading your comment I realized I could not say it any better or contribute much more. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful and simple words for a potentially complex subject. I sure was struggling with the "right" words to express it. You are quite a communicator with quite a gift. :-) Amazing comment tapnaroy12! Great discussion kamodachii!
• Philippines
20 Aug 08
Thank you very much guys!
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
15 Oct 08
Ether is postulated to exist because sound travels in the vacuum of space which postulates that space must not be a vacuum and have some kind of matter, ether. There is a simple building block of matter which is the atom, the simplest of which is the hydrogen atom which has one electron. All things trace their existence to this one atom which becomes, metamorphoses into the different elements, helium-2 electrons, Lithium, 3 electrons and so on and so forth. Cheers!!
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
That is very simple. All things are One. Many spiritual masters and ascended beings will tell you this that all is one. You see we live in a reality that is basically divided into many dimensions or modes of existence just like the music notes on a piano keyboard. There are 8 major dimensions just like the 8 notes in a musical octave. Our reality belongs to the third dimension. In this dimension we have what we call maya or illusion or duality in the simpliest of terms. One of the conditions of being born or allowed to live in this dimension is the curtailment of our high sense faculties of senses beyond the sixth. We are in a way downgraded. Thats why we see duality like good and evil, high and low, up or down, ugly and beautiful, etc. If we have our high sense faculties we can see that all these are one and the same. For instance you will never understand whats good if you had never experienced evil.