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@know21 (1251)
United States
August 14, 2008 8:12am CST
It always gets me every time I see one of those weight lose commercials. Do they really think were that stupid. Come on; showing a picture of guy or lady or who look like that never had a ounce of fat on them all there lives. And what about those TV commercials where these people come on and say; I lost such and such pounds. If you ask me; I don't even think its the same person. I think they find some one who looks like them,but not as fat, and paste there picture on the screen. Maybe its just me, but just can't see how people get suckered into these commercials. What are your thought on this?
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14 Aug 08
I think like you. It does not even look like the before picture and the after are the same person. And if it were, when they showed their perfectly flat tummies,, where are the traces of streche marks.. Its a mircale. They lost all that weight and do not have a single streche mark on their entire body!!! That makes me laugh!
@3cardmonte (5098)
14 Aug 08
you are so right,those comercials for weight loss always have skinnies in them,its like if you are saying she needs to lose weight and she is skinny,then i must be huge,have you noticed its the same with anti ageing though,they always have young women on them,the cream cant get rid of wrinkles that dont exist!
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