A man with 82 wives and 105 children

August 14, 2008 8:59am CST
incredible if u must say right, but its real. yesterday i was watching news and they said that their was a man that has 82wives and that same man has 105 children. i was shocked when i heared the story. formally his wives are 102 but he later divorced 20 out of them so they are remaining 82, also presently 20 of his wife are pregnant apart from the 105 he has before. so i think these will beat ur immagination silly. u know what they kill 2 cows every day and cook 6 bags of rice. how can a man do such a thing. i think i dont blame some ladies when they say men are dogs. only God knows where that kind of man originated from. so fellas what is ur contribution to these.
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• Nigeria
22 Aug 08
wow these is incredible infact i cant believe it a man with 82 wives. how can he coup with them. i am even complaining of having two but i was shocked when i say these discussion. infact only God knows the kind of planet such person decended from. well i think he is rich to some extend. and believe me he is not the rightful father of most of his children.
• Malaysia
14 Aug 08
i believe this happened in a rural country ...they do not know what it means by love or relationship...all they know is .. doing doing n doing . i bet you he might not even know the wives names or the childrens names
@petiksmode (2986)
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
hmm i think he idolizes king solomon (a biblical character who had 700 wives and 300 curcubines and im sorry i dont know the exact number of his kids but with the number of his wives i think he have many as in many kids...hehehe the guy you are talking about is i think filthy rich man to be able to provide all the need of his extremely big family...i even think that their daily meal is comparable to a month or even longer meals for an average fam...