do you like old music..

August 14, 2008 9:53am CST
evry body loves music that is part of our day lif different music in different country different like and dis like.. the topic is old m,usic like 70's are not good? but for me i love old music like the who the clash elvis sammy davis and also i love new band like artic monkeys the enemy.. most probbly bristh band group..
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@leateagee (3667)
• China
14 Aug 08
I like it when I hear it but not necessarily loving it. I like the songs that my mom listens to. They are really old but my mom like the songs that I listen to also. LOl. take care =)
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@jillbeth (2711)
• United States
14 Aug 08
I grew up in the 60's and 70's so 70's rock are some of my favorite songs! There wasn't much in the 80's that I cared for, but The Clash was fun. After that, I really didn't pay much attention to what was on the radio. I can't tolerate the junk my grandkids listen to now! It's not music, in my opinion. (I guess I'm dating myself now!) Now I mostly listen to bluegrass gospel and Caedmon's Call (folk rock gospel).
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@rae777 (110)
14 Aug 08
I love old music. In fact, I like all music. Everything from the 1930s on up to todays music. I like every type of music. Everything from Big band to Country music. I feel bad for those who only listen to one kind of music because they don"t know what they are missing!!
• Philippines
14 Aug 08
Yeah I love old music too. Those music of elvis presley, APO HIking Society, many more. It is of different impact to me. I felt that I was born before because of those quality music.