When having a children's birthday party...

@iskayz (5422)
August 14, 2008 10:32am CST
Hi everyone! I just came home from a birthday party. It was a children's party suppossedly but I have noticed that it wasn't the kids who were really enjoying the party but rather the adults. The adults who were drinking. Actually there are more adults invited than the children. Everytime I attend a children's birthday party I would find the adults drinking and really getting drunk and having more fun than the kids that it would look like not a children's party anymore. In my country its always like that. I don't know. Its like a cycle already. The children's party would always end up into a drinking session for the adults. Am I the only one who notices it? In your country does the adults drinking session tend to take over a children's party? It's not bad to drink in children's parties, but it would be nice if the party would really be for the kids only and the adults are just there to accompany the kids. Please do share your views.
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• India
14 Aug 08
Well. I am an adult and I do enjoy kid's parties more than their adulterated version. I am not into drinks for the last two years and I don't feel it's okay to get drunk to enjoy a children's party. Anyway, I have noticed the same as you and like to throw a party where it'll be all fun for the kids and no adults allowed! Okay, as I am throwing it, I'll be there. But, no one else. Stealing a piece of cake from a kid is easier when you're the senior-most there! ;)