Making little girl bows

@dani27 (545)
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August 14, 2008 11:43am CST
Does anyone know how to make girl bows? Or any web sites that explain how to do it? I am sick of paying $7 for hair bows when it could only cost under a dollar for the ribbon and clip. HELP!
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@coffeebreak (17820)
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15 Aug 08
Take a length of ribbon and place it under the pony Tail (or you can use this way for tieing a bow at a wasit line of a dress or even to tie a bow on a present) Take an end in each of your hands. Pull the ribbon ends up to make the lengths even. Then, Take the ribbon length that is in your RIGHT hand, and and put it behind the ribbon length in your left hand and grab it with fingers in your left hand. Now your left hand is holding both lengths and you have created a "hole" out of the ribbon lengths. Now take your right hand "pointer" finger and going THROUGH this hole, catch the LEFT ribbon and pull it through. Pull both lengths into the little "knot" which is how it is held in place and wont' fall off whatever you are tieing it to. Now, look at your tie - the left ribbon length should be "on top" of the little "knot". and the length in your right hand is on bottom. THe SECRET is that the ribbon length that is ON TOP is what will be doing the "covering" of the know to make it look nice. With you right hand, make the "bunny ear" out of the ribbon length in your right hand. Take the left length in your left hand and twist it around the right hand's bunny ear. WHile you do this, slightly pull the bunny ear toward you, just a smidge, while you are twisting the left ribbon around the bunny ear. Pull the left ribbon through the hole this has made, pull both bunny ears tight and you have a nice bow! The knot is covered with the "top" ribbon. The bow will by ugly if you use the bottom ribbon to go over the top ribbon. Takes a few times practice, but you'll get it. My mom taught me this way back in high school, when I was in a singing group and our dresses had empire waistlines and a tie in the back and everyones was always croocked . She showed me how to do them nice and neat and straight and I showed everyone else. Good luck!
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28 Jul 17
Its nice of you that you have discribe here but according to me she can only learn on that time when she watch videos.