How many earning sites do you have that earns a month?

August 14, 2008 12:48pm CST
I have been reading a lot of postings anywhere sharing their success for their month's earnings. I am excited also and thrilled that some people earned that much online? I have read one blog stating his earnings of all those almost 20 websites he is into. Wow!! I wonder how many of you have earning sites that are giving you bucks every month? I am curious and excited to know about it. For me I only have Mylot and there are times that i would not reach pay out.Anyway, I'm glad I have one. Hope you can share yours.
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@marina321 (4561)
14 Aug 08
I have various FREE sites and those are listed on my blog. I do write regular updates and indicate which ones have paid me so far, which I have requested and which I am awaiting payout as this helps me keep track of the sites I can do a bit more in response to your question, you may not be able to earn (as in payments) from these sites every month.. Since I have been at it about three months, there's only one site that pays me every month and I have received about $70 from it alreadyand what I earn depends on how much time I put in on it and that time has reduced considerably since I became more active here as I enjoy it but as long as I make $10 from it for the one month there, it's ok. I am sure I will be able to revert back to it with more time. With myLot, still kinda getting the hang of it even after a few months, it can be a bit tricky and that's all I'm saying..haha so I would not just stick to myLot only as I need a bit of 'variety and spice' to keep this hobby interesting