could doing a colon cleanse help prevent disease?

@mitchii (154)
United States
August 14, 2008 4:20pm CST
well i have been doing colon cleanse for sometime now and ill tell you, you feel real good after doing it!! more energized more focused less bloating you can actually lose weight from it!!! the first time i ever did a colon cleanse i lost 7 POUNDS!!! i did it for 10 days!!!! they have different cleanses ive tried pills, but the best one by far is the enema, thats the one that the doctors use when they clean you out. but i have the home version which is inexpensive. everyone should do a cleanse at least once a month. just as much as you take a shower because your dirty its the same with your insides they have to stay clean!!! picture you eating for years and years and not cleansing!!!do you know how much build up that is? there are parasites in your body especially if you eat meat. not to mention just because you use the bathroom does not mean everything comes out there is still buildup!! some of the problems that you may have now like headaches, allergies, foot order constipation and even bad breath yes bad breath not to mention when some people are trying to lose weight but cant THESE ARE THE REASONS!!!!!!! sickness diseases and things of that nature start with your insides!!!!! and need to be cleaned. if you didnt take a bath for days and you looked dirty and smell funky you would shower right? the sad thing is that the reason people dont cleanse is because they dont see it or smell it!! thats sad what makes you think you can clean the outside but not your inside? if anything you need to worry more about your inside because everything in your insides is keeping you alive!!!! go get that cleanse!!!!!
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