What do you love most and what is not at KFC?

@nytrisco (567)
August 14, 2008 8:46pm CST
I love everything at KFC! lolz! Yeah even the crew here in Congressional ave, I saw this lovely crew, an eye catching lady, she was pretty, her lips were so cute and here eyes are darn too lovely! When I saw here I immediately lined to her cash register and every time I visit the said kfc branch, I always lined up to her. lolz! The first time she took my order, all I did was just smile in front of her and forgot what my order was. haha! Enough bout it, I love their chicken and mashed potato with gravy! Also the rice bowls! I am a burger lover but to my disappointment I hate their buns, it's like it is too old that the buns just break into pieces even without biting it. I had 2 experiences on 2 different branches. So What do you love and what is not?
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