Can an introversive person change to be more extroversive?

August 14, 2008 8:49pm CST
I'm an introvert. I can say I wasn't like this when I was a child .I used to be brave and not afraid of speaking in the public. I used to be bold and outgoing and kept in contact with lots of my classmates .I used to be popular among friends .BUT now why can i change so much even without my own consciousness. I remeber I lived a period of lonely life ,I mean at that time I study quite hard and with huge pressure all for the sake of entering a famous colledge .But,now I am no longer myself of 4 years ago. I want to change back, and i have made great efforts Yet it doesn't work. Do you met this kind of strange change among your friends? Any tips for me? Thanks!
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@spoiled311 (5502)
• Philippines
15 Aug 08
hi !!! i think so colourless... i am an introvert by nature, i mean if given the choice, i would rather be left alone than spend time with friends in public places. but i know that it is better to have friends and spend time with them. so i make it a conscious effort to find opportunities to be with them.... it is quite hard at first as it doesn't come naturally for me. once i sit down in front of the computer, i don't mind not talking to people the rest of the day. sometimes i get irritated when somebody just suddenly talks to me when i am working hehe. i guess i am just like that. anyway, but we can really change. we can push our personalities to the other side of the spectrum. i have done that. just needs a conscious decision on our parts. :-) good day and God bless you!
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