Asking For Referrals Against myLot TOS?

@bbjwlsn (263)
United States
August 14, 2008 11:10pm CST
I'm kinda confused. I started a discussion several hours ago in regards to trading referrals. I have seen many discussions of which is the purpose. I had gotten four responses in about 15 minutes, so I figured, this is going to work out great! I started commenting on the first response, switched over in the middle of commenting, and did a couple of PTCs. When I came back to finish my comment, my whole discussion was gone! Nowhere to be found. I had the four responses in my email, and I have requested those four people to be my friends, but I can see no explanation or reason for my discussion being deleted. My discussion did not contain any contraband, i.e., links or anything like that. And, none of the responses had anything like that either. I'm just curious, has anybody else had something like this happen to them? Should I just go ahead and enter my discussion again? I'M SO CONFUSED!!!
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• China
15 Aug 08
hey friend..!! its sometime happned...!! u dont worry u go ahead and be happy..!! keep lotting
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@bbjwlsn (263)
• United States
17 Aug 08
Thank you for your response krissh. My daughter told me basically the same thing; that sometimes discussions are deleted for no known reason. I will just keep on myLotting, and what will be, will be.