Who Was The Last Person You Wrote A Letter?

a letter - made especially for my best friend
United States
August 15, 2008 3:57am CST
my best friend will be celebrating her birthday and at the same time her 1st year stay in the US this month. she happened to be my best friend for almost 10 years now. and that gives a clue on how old i really am . a year ago, i wrote her a letter at least a day before her departure of which i sealed secretly in her baggage so she would be surprised the moment she sees it. and that was the last letter i have ever written so far. how about you?
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• Philippines
16 Aug 08
A letter for my husband....
@a3sachin (531)
• India
15 Aug 08
A letter?! Considering the age we live in, letters are sadly phased out. There used to be a time before email when writing a letter was the coolest thing! lol Business letters still thrive but poor little personal letters are almost unheard of. (wendhieRN comes up with interesting topics! Just responded to your crayon discussion!) Ok getting back to the topic, The last time i wrote a letter was when I first got my PC about 8 years ago. It was to my aunt and granny. ahhh it was fun. :)
@samar12 (991)
• India
15 Aug 08
Well I just wrote a letter yesterday to my brother. I wrote a letter after maybe more then 3 years now. Since I keep in touch with everyone through phones and emails I hardly get time to write letter's now and I find it boring too. There was a time when I was in school when I use to write atleast 10 letters in a week. I love writing and so I had a lot of pen-pals and friend's and I use to enjoy it but not anymore. But just few days ago I received a letter from my brother which was a nice surprise so I decided to write to him back but I was not able to write more then two pages while before I use to write letters not lesser then 5 pages.
@dagda24 (367)
15 Aug 08
I really cannot remember the last proper letter I wrote that wasn't part of my work. It was probably when I was at school (I'm 24 now). I do know I will be writing a letter tomorrow though. On Saturday it is the 50th birthday of a close family friend and I have not been able to think of a present that is special enough for the occasion. Some people may think it strange but I plan to enclose a letter with his card thanking him for everything he's done over the years. I hope he likes it.