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@skenthal (1022)
August 15, 2008 4:55am CST
i was thinking today that why do all fast food restaurants open next to themselves, i mean burger king,next to mcdonalds, to keep up the statistics more easily lol anyway i was wondering today that what is my favourite restaurant, it really kept me thinking but finally i have made my decision on kfc(kentucky fried chicken) i choosed that its really original since,we look to the mcdonalds and burger king they really look same with the menus,however kfc has special tastes even its little bit expensive than burger king and mcdonalds in turkey i still prefer kfc, what about you whats your favourite fast food restaurant and why? let me put the choices you can also write and say if i have forgotten any pizza hut,dominos pizza,burger king,mcdonalds,subway, kfc happy mylottings
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• China
15 Aug 08
i find the same thing, though i don't often eat fastfoods since this year because i am concerned with heath issue. I used to go for KFC, it is just wonderful. It understands to adjust its menu according to the specific country where their chain stores are located. i think KFC respects the local culture, though its intention is to make laeger profits, LOL...
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
15 Aug 08
It depends what I feel like to eat! But I like the KFC because of the zinger and of course the fried chicken the spicy ones! About the fast food in one place, so maybe you can have a lot choices whatever you feel like to have and makes your life easier! And these are not only for food chains it is also in clothing, shoes,electronics etc, if you noticed they seem to be in one place also. I think it's only one reason to give the customer a better choices.