What does kids like to do on their free time?.

@henryjoe (249)
August 15, 2008 9:25am CST
I've this naughty and adorable nephew who spend most of his time on handphone,console or computer. Whenever we go out to have breakfast,lunch and dinner,he would like to grap my phone from my pocket and start playing games while waiting for his meal to be serve.Nowadays most of the kids are addicted to these gadgets.No wonder they are wearing spectacles at such an early age.Gone are those days where kids are more obedient and indulge more on outdoor activities.Sometimes I wonder whether to hate them or not and sometimes it's fun to look at their behaviour.
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@akumei1269 (1750)
• India
15 Aug 08
Time changes everybody and every age group's behaviour . You see, today's kids experience the TV even before their birth . (This is not exaggeration but research findings .) Just after birth they find a totally different environment that that found by earlier kids.Moreover , due to various reasons they are kept confined to the 4 walls of the home and the few people like parents and at the most grand parents . Thus the nature of inputs into their system of thought and senses is diverse and at the same time narrow . This compels them to explore the whole world in the limited physical periphery of their home and parents . So , they become what they are .
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@GardenGerty (101675)
• United States
15 Aug 08
My children are adults now. When they were kids, they carried a book with them everywhere they went. People asked me what was wrong with them, because they liked to read. I think kids need to read more, but it is hard to get them to, unless they see it in the home.
@henryjoe (249)
• Malaysia
16 Aug 08
Hi GardenGerty, Well I read my daily newpapers everywhere I go ,even in toilet.Hope you won't laughed.I just don't understand nowadays kids are more attracted towards these gadget.They have a lot of activities like going for a walk with pets and etc.Thank you for the comment.
16 Aug 08
Hi henryjoe, Its such a shame kids lives are so boring because all they ewant to do is play on those silly games on their computer or on the cellephones, they should be out and about playing in the fresh air and geting excersie. What are they going to tell their kids one day about their childhood? not much. Tamara