United States
August 15, 2008 10:14am CST
Not what you think... Do you ever stop to think, I will bet. Do you ever stop to consider that the person on the phone is just doing their job? All you have to do is simply so no- DO NOT CALL if you do not want to take the call and they will take you off their calling list. In our state with the economy any job is a good job. There are actually some useful things offered through telemarketing. Free Stuff! So why not just listen? Or at leaste be polite and just say please put me on your DO NOT CALL list. Remember, they are people just like you that have kids to feed and bills to pay just like you and they are not collecting wellfare they are trying to work. Your opinion???
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@lrglara (1347)
• Philippines
15 Aug 08
well, i've worked as a telemarketer before. but its not my style and not for me... anyway, of course, i always consider their feelings. i know that they are just doing their job. i tend to listen to what they offer and tell them politely that im not interested and if possible not to call me again! i mean, if im really interested, i would call them. unfortunately, there are instances where my anger gets the most of me and tend to put it on the telemarketers... sorry about that!
• United States
16 Aug 08
Biggest mistake you can make is to just hang up on a Telemarketer. hang ups require call backs. Several call backs usually if you just keep hanging up. It is best to tell them to put you on their NO CALL LIST. Take a second to verify your number with them because often tht is required to complete the process. This will stop the calls. Not cussing them out or hanging up. They will call back another day hopeing you will be in a better mood. It does not offend me one bit to be cut short and told that you are not interested. It saves me time and breath. However, you will probably be called again by someone else who thinks they can talk you into it.