I can not very good face me in the college entrance in defeat,how do I?

August 15, 2008 10:44am CST
I'm a Chinese student.I have just from a gathering of students back.I found that I can not face me in the college entrance examination in defeat.In China,the College Entrance Examination is very important to us.It can be said that we are studing 12 yaers to it.But in this most important test,I played a mad.I cried,but I think after cried I can face it and continue to smile. But until today I know that I was wrong.When my classmats talk about the achievements of the college entrance examination,I almost avoided.I suddenly find myself before all the smile were all false.I am not choose to face but to evade.I feel very upset.I feel I have wasted all the efforts I have made.What can I do?I would like to know whether foreign students have such a problem.
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