Missed a train, missed a lot

August 15, 2008 11:18am CST
I usually take a train home. Today as usual I got out of line 2 and intended to switch to line 3. I had something in my mind and accidentally I took the escalator and arrived at the platform of line 1! Realizing how silly I was, I returned to the platform of line 3. I got on the train and guess what? The train didn't start moving until ten minutes later. That wasn't all. The train stopped at every stop for more than five minutes!! That was very unusual. I got to my stop half hour later than it should be. So I couldn't help but wondering, nothing would have happened if I didn't miss the last train. Such a difference in life. It's like my life history has changed because that train. Missed a train, missed a lot. Good news is when I got out of that train and walked home, it was green light when crossing the road. :) Anything like that happened to you? How does a small incidence change your life?
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