Would you - or could you - play nice with the ex?

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August 15, 2008 12:51pm CST
With the possibility of DH going into the military, this question popped into my head. His first and only GF before me was with him when he went into the service the first time. They had been broken up for about 2 years before I met him and he has not seen her in 7 years (we have been together 6). Every once in a blue moon she shoots him an email. If he was going I would be checking his email, he asked me if she happened to send an email, if I would bother replying. This is a girl who broke his heart, lied to him about multiple things and probably could have ruined his life if she so choose. So, as you can imagine, even if she is a saint now, I don't really care for her. Would I reply back to her, probably. Would I tell her where he is, maybe so. Heck, on a good day I would probably even give her his mailing address. I figure she only contacts him maybe once a year and he is married to me, has zero feeling left for her, so whats the harm? What would you do in that situation?
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15 Aug 08
I have been doing that playing nice with my ex even though he use to beat up on me and controll what i did... I have been trying to be is friend cause i really don't feel like have any enemies... I don't think that there is a problem with making friend with an ex unless they are trying to break you and your husband up... I don't know why i still talk to my ex i gues because we realy didn't have a clean break up and i kind of want that. I was never he one to break up with someone i alway felt guilty for doing it... He was the first one that i have ever broken up with and i did it by e-mail and i feel as through that wasn't good enough..