Loosing wieght is so hard for me

August 15, 2008 3:23pm CST
ok I have a very nice figure for someone that is over weight well thats what people have told me. but the thing is I have lost alot of weight before, during high school and I had all of this extra skin that just wont shrink. I have gained a few pounds since then but I am still extremly over weight i tried walking, going up and down stairs etc...... I can't afford a gym membership. if you can help with any advice please let me know I would really apriciate it thank you
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@Rintis (646)
• India
15 Aug 08
I understand your situation very well. I am facing a similar situation. Advices are easy to give but to follow is difficult. So I will tell you the ones that I have tried but result in very slow gradual weight loss. Fat starts burning only after 20 minutes of work out (swimming, walk, jogging,outdoor games), I the first 20 minutes of exercise don't burn fat. Only after 20 min whatever you do starts burning weight. So always minus those 20 minutes from your exercise time. Change your exercise everyday. Make a plan say 2 days a week walk, 2 days jog, 2 days play badminton, tennis, cycling, etc.. Combine these exercises with stretches, push ups, crunches and yoga. Don't starve and take lots of fluids. Remember weight will gain in the first 10 days by 1 kg so don't be upset. Be consistent and you will see weight slowly but gradually reducing after 10-15 days.
16 Aug 08
thank you so much I your way sounds alot easier and simple with two jobs i really never get to work out.
• Philippines
18 Aug 08
it sure is difficult to shed off some pounds. i opened the topic because i see it interesting. i don't have any tips though for you. I wanted to read those who left advises for you. lol. i need the advise as well. good luck to us both sourcherry. i just thought of a simple advise..i think determination is the key to reach our goal.
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
15 Aug 08
I am overweight too. I plan to go to the gym by next week. But I guess, one of the most effective way to lose weight is to cut on carbohydrates and pair it with exercise. Good morning.