i want to know why do people want to miss me up

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August 15, 2008 6:20pm CST
i dnt know why my grandmother want to me on my bank account i need to know what do you think i should do she think i dnt know how to handle my money i know what i got in my bank but i think it is this apt im in she toled the land lord how much i get now she think it is the back and i dnt go to the back and now they i toke to much out and i dnt take no money out for nothing i know what im going to spend she just think she can get more money out of me and i cant have nothing she think i cant handle my money she is not helping me she trying to take over again i know what i want to do i dnt go to the bank and if it is not the landlord i think it is the critecard i have not been paying it so i just need to know who it is do you think it is my sister that is doing it or the bank is doing it i got to know can you help me i need to know i got to know if i need to get a lawer or what i need to know what you think i need to do becouse i dnt go to the bank at all so what you think it is can you tell me if you have been in this mass can you tell me how to get got of it
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@jonesy123 (3950)
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15 Aug 08
I'm sorry, but can you write this out a little clearer. Do I understand this right? Your grandmother wants to be on your bank account making it a joint account? Did anybody take money out of your account? What?