Making friends in Internet ??

August 16, 2008 3:05am CST
it is great to make friends in interner. they all are very good. but a quesions always sparks in my mind that is there any problem to make friends in the internet ??
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• Philippines
17 Aug 08
I don't think that there is a problem making friends in the internet. Friends are good to have and the more you have the better your life can be. Heck, some people even find their life partners online. I make friends here and other online communities as openly as I make friends in the real world. I guess making friends in the internet falls down to one con and one pro each. The con would probably be that there won't be as much trust in making friends as there is when you make friends in the real world. And the pro would most probably be that you can be who you really are or who you really want to be in the internet thus having the chance to make more friends than you do in the real world.