PTC really works for me!

August 16, 2008 8:56am CST
Hi folks, just wanna share with you my thought about ptc industry. In the beginning I had doubt in ptc, and I was totally a newbie in ptc. After some trial and error, encountered honest sites, scam sites, finally I'm getting better and better at picking the right sites now, though not 100%, still I can say that 80% of them are paying me! I've earned about $3000+ gross profit since end of May till now, bout 3 months length, a total of 22 payments from the sites I've joined. Most of the people are just scared of ptc because of the stupid scammers, but it can easily be avoided if you do some research online carefully before you join a site. Usually you can find them on scamlist, suspicious list through google. If there is a site that doesn't have a forum or 'coming soon', most probably it is a scam site, don't bother joining. Or, they are paying extremely high per click rate, that sounds too good to be true, then most probably is a scam too. If it is unbelievable, then better don't believe it! Don't bother wasting your time to try it. Don't lose your faith in ptc cause it is really working for me and many other people, you just have to be careful, find the right source of information, ptc will earn you a decent amount of pocket money or you can quit your day job if you are a big investor =p. Even my gf is earning about $2-$3 per day after I taught her how and which ptc to join/invest. If we can make it, you can make it too! If you have any question regarding ptc, you can add me as friend and send me messages, I will not hesitate to share with you my experience. Feel free to browse my blog in my profile, there are many info, tips and tricks about ptc industry, I think it will help if you are a beginner of ptc and have doubt about it. Have a good night and happy earning folks!
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