Would you rather text or call that person

United States
August 16, 2008 10:56am CST
I personally would rather call that person if they are available. Because if your txt mess are going to be more than 1 txt long you might as well just call them. How about you.
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@DarkDancer (1012)
• Dayton, Ohio
17 Aug 08
I would just assume call someone as text them. First of all I find texting annoying. Secondly, it costs me $0.15 per message (sent or received) to text. I don't mind getting one once in a while, but sometimes it gets excessive. There is some guy who thinks he knows me who occasionally texts me, If I can figure out who his carrier is I'll webtext him telling him he doesn't know me and to stop.
• Dayton, Ohio
17 Aug 08
Whoops, that's I would just as soon, not assume...
• United States
7 Feb 09
I only use my cell phone when I'm out of the house and either I'm expected somebody to call me (such as to meet a person at a particular place or time) or I want to get in touch with somebody right away. Therefore I generally only use voice on my cell phone. I want to be sure the message gets through and is understood. And if it can wait till I use my land line phone the call won't cost me anything because I have unlimited phone service. Free calling from a home phone is even cheaper than texting from a cell phone.
• Philippines
31 Jan 09
I'd rather call them especially when it is really urgent..
@pdexdee (224)
• Serbia And Montenegro
23 Aug 08
if is very important i will raither call that person!
@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
17 Aug 08
It depends on the occaission. If I want to talk to that person I would rather call then text them as the conversation is going to get longer and calling is more personal and you can hear emotions from an actual call. Texts are more plain and because there is no sign of emotion there they can be easily misinterpretered if you send them about heavy topics. This should, in my opinion, not even be a phone call but in person as you will have body language as well. I use texts when I want to ask people if they are close to the point we agreed on meeting when they are a bit late, to ask if they are ok and not delayed, or to ask them if they have time later that day and then call them later that day. Pretty much short messages, or to my boyfriend to tell him I love him. I have 60 texts a month but I allmost never fully use them, I should use them more often.
• Malaysia
17 Aug 08
Hi Trisha, I would rather call the person as I am a person who likes fast results, get it done with and move on.But circumstances and preference of the person that I will be calling might make me text instead. It will be definitely cheaper to sms. Some of my contacts would like me to ask them first by texting before calling them, giving them a heads up. And I would not like to call them if I know they are busy and inconvenient to receive my call. If it is urgent , I will go ahead and call for sure. Hearing another person's voice over the phone is certainly more meaningful and believable esp. when you are having it with the person you love Cheers,
@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
If only it's cheaper, I'd always prefer to call the person rather than text him/her. Well, texting is cheap but still, there will always be a delay in the communication. After sending your text, you won't get a response immediately. Maybe a minute would be considered fast but if you are communicating something that is long, it will take a while. Sometimes, the other person doesn't have the phone with him/her and you'll just get a response after a few hours. Calling is definitely efficient, you can always communicate well since you are conversing and exchange of ideas is immediate. You don't have to wait long to get messages back and forth, plus, you'll have a better grasp of the other person's emotion as well as you can hear him/her.
@JannaLee (660)
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
In my opinion, it's more practical to text...since the charge is undeniably lower compared to that of calling. However, incidence of miscommunication and misunderstanding is quite higher when it comes to texting...So, I'd rather call that person instead of sending him or her a text message.
• Indonesia
16 Aug 08
It depends on the urgency. If it's urgent, I will never text the person because we never know for sure whether the person saw the message or not and moreover by caling the person we can speed up the process of getting response from the person, after all it's urgent.