Habitual Behavior

@lisa0351 (303)
United States
August 16, 2008 2:40pm CST
Do any of you have any habits that you do without knowing? Also, any of you have any habits you do out of nervousness? Or what about bad habits that are harmful to you? I am a nail biter when I am nervous. I hate that I do it, nails are so gross. I have tried breaking the habit, but I still do it! I also play with my hair when I am nervous.
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@bdsurf (703)
16 Aug 08
I think I have no bad habit which can harm other! By the way my problem is I can not control myself when I am nervous/crazy. Example is, when I am to give an exam with a good preparation I forget all if I forget any part of a question for nervousness. I cant decide at that time what will I do. I made the easy jobs in a tough way that time. I tried a lot to be clam when I am nervous but never succeed. Even I tried counting from 1 to 20 & also tried it from reverse side. But the result is always zero!