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August 16, 2008 2:43pm CST
Would you change who you are just to win over a crush? Also, if your lover wanted you to change would you? My sister was a low key preppy country girl. Her boyfriend is a touch on the grunge/punk side. She has totally changed the way she dresses, what she likes, her music and what she does. I don't agree to it. I think you should be yourself, and people should like you for who and what you are. Why change? It just doesn't make sense to me.
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17 Aug 08
No i wouldn't change who i am for anyone else that is just wrong, i never changed who i was in high school for anyone i guess maybe that why i didn't date anyone in high school cause i would change my appearance. but alot of kids are doing it these days i guarantee that she will stay that why when they break up... The question is how old id she????
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16 Aug 08
I wouldn't change myself for a crush. Because you never know if this is something that is going to work out. My husband though I have changed many of things, but this is after knowing him for some time now and being together for 3 yrs and then married for 4 months. I have changed alot. I think it all depends, but for a crush, I wouldn't even do it, I say its not worth it.