How would really know if he is honest or not?

August 16, 2008 2:56pm CST
Got this strange feeling again, and am not sure how to treat it. Maybe he's cheating. How would you really know? Give me your honest opinions.
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• United States
17 Aug 08
i would go with my strange feeling and just ask him is he cheating you.. Just ask him i know that if he was lying you would know but if he gives you a sicery answer than most likely he isn't cheating one you.. I wouldn't take ever strange feeling as he is is cheating on me... I wouldn't do that.. But if you get these strange feeling all the time than it sounds to me as though this guy isn't right for you..
@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
17 Aug 08
You only feel this way when you feel changes to your partner. If you feel cold and it's to hard to reach him, and his not acting the usual. Sometimes you feel that something is wrong with him like not talking about your relationship anymore. What I usually do is I'll ask him a question where he went that day and with whom. After a couple of days I will ask him the same question if he answerd me the same his honest but if it's not the same answer I can call it his cheating on me or his not honest. Have a nice day!
@sunny70 (17)
• United States
16 Aug 08
I think if you have any doubts that he is cheating, he probally is. Intuition is a stong feeling. IF you have a doubt there must have been a reason to doubt. I have never doubted anyone who I trusted. Even if he is not cheating the fact that you don't trust him is enough of a problem. If you think he is cheating, you must have a reason to think so. I used to be married to a cheater, and I always knew. I never had proof but I new.