Do you like Tetris?

United States
August 16, 2008 5:21pm CST
I love Tetris. With me, it's almost addictive. I don't know what it is. I'm not even that good at it. Whenever my mind's blank, I always end up playing. So what is it for you? Do you like Tetris? Or hate it?
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@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
21 Oct 09
I also enjoy playing the tetris game. It is a fun game to play, I also enjoy it's variations.
@Lightlord (379)
• Greece
28 Sep 08
Tetris is great. It's an immortal game, I would like to congratulate to the inventor of tetris for inventing such unique game. I usually play tetris just to kill boredom, but the more I play I become more addicted to it. So I LOVE tetris!
@donburi (316)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
I play tetris from time to time and i agree with you, tetris is great! It's simple yet additing. easy but also hard XD
• Singapore
31 Aug 08
Wow tetris, my all time favourite. Used to play it when i was a kid, my highest lvl is 10 i think.... Haaaa....... Makes your heart pump when the blocks comes down without any warning...... Love th game.
@hellcowboy (7383)
• United States
17 Aug 08
I used to play Tetris when I was younger because it used to be fun and a little bit addicting,but now that I am older I can not stand to play Tetris because it is too slow and boring,and I would much rather play games full of action such as war games, or games where you slaughter people as an assassin,but I have to admit Tetris did used to help me pass some of the time when I was bored.
@zeroflashx2 (2491)
• Philippines
17 Aug 08
I liked Tetris when I was still young and I always play it on my Gameboy during spare time (the original gameboy. ). Time came, during my college days, when tetris became so popular that you can buy a "brick game" almost anywhere. Even on the streets. Although right now, I'm not into it anymore and most probably I got a bit bored. I may try it again though.
• United States
17 Aug 08
when i was like 10 years old kid .... then tetris was one of my favorite games .... but now i dont like to play ... =[
• Philippines
16 Aug 08
Well i love that game also and i always play tetris with my sister and and brother even though i always end up losing!!