Enough Lovin'?

United States
August 17, 2008 2:13am CST
I have noticed that my girlfriend is giving me signs that she needs more "loving" than I am giving her. Should I be more romantic...engage more? Get her to understand why it's is not my number 1 priority? or just Ignore it all together!!??!?!? please help me!... I do not want to lose the woman that I love. At the same time I want her to be happy with her life. How should I handle my situation?? I am really interested in being financially free and practicing less of my bad habits more than f'''ing. What is wrong??? Is there something I need to know? ISHHHT!!!
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@jairgirl (2877)
• United States
18 Aug 08
hello jordansutter, your post reminds me of my time when i was in college and my first bf complaints about me not showing him enough love and attention. i love him then and i dont want to lose him but i guess in real life we can only really pick the ones that matters most. NO i dont just dump him. i talked to him many times and beg him that i need him to understand that i plan to finish college and have a better future and not just be like most of his friends who skip school and be at the bar. life is more fun if you do what you feel is right and then just do the shallow fun when you are done with your responsibility. he didnt understand that part and that obviously leads us to break up. my lesson to this is. if you really love you girl then talk to her, let her see the future that you are seeing and not just tell her it is for the future. ask for her suggestion. how you can meet the lines. do compromise. ask her what she wants you to do, why it is not enough? find out what is her priorities and what she thinks really matters most. you have to understand that being romantic and engaging is two different thing. ask your girl the differences of it, remember a girl's point of view is far different than a man's point of view. if you dont know her stand bout this words "romantic and engaging" then no matter how hard you try she will still complain about it and tell you that she is not getting enough. if you truly love her weigh things out. i always believe that we can balance something that is needed and something that we love. talk. talk talk communication is very vital in every relationship, be it a romantic one or not. remember, that girl is the one you are planning to be your future. if you guys dont see the same future then there is a problem that you guys need to fix before it is too late or before something major have decided only to found out it is not meant to be. btw, keeping a girl happy is not easy. our happiness relies on our moods. guys dont understand that (ok often you dont LOL) if you are willing to always follow the orders on how to make her happy then i have to say you are doing the wrong move coz you are making her use to something you cannot commit or at least do so much. once a girl is used to something, a simple change is a huge to us and you will have more question, worry and doubts in the end. i wish you all the best. takecare