Anne Rice books and their contradicting stuff

@joyadalia (1409)
August 17, 2008 2:26am CST
I have read about 85% of the books of Anne Rice, including books published on her two pseudonyms. My favorites are the series on the Lives of the Mayfair Witches and the Vampire Chronicles. However, there a lot of contradictions in her books. This is most especially significant because her books are mostly inter-related because of their being chronicles. I can't blame her really because these contradictions may be the result of the books being published far from the previous one and the original concepts may have been boring and changing them would propel the new stories or new novels to different levels. One such good contradiction is the capabilities of the vampires. In the first book of the chronicles, The Interview with the Vampire, the vampires (1) could not fly, (2) can die by drinking the blood of dead people, (3) could not hear each others' thoughts, and (4) can die from poison or drugs. However, all the other books tell that (1) older vampires could fly, (2) do not die from drinking dead people's blood, (3) can hear each others' thoughts except for the maker and the one he created, and (4) drugs and poisons does not affect them and good vampires even thrive on drug addicts to rid the society of bad elements. Do you think that contradictions like this make a difference or not? Have you encountered such differences in the books that you have read? If yes, how so?
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@dani27 (545)
• United States
17 Aug 08
I have not read them but that is interesting. It would be confusing if you read them all together.
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@joyadalia (1409)
• Philippines
18 Aug 08
It would be crazy to read them all together Besides, even if you are the speediest reader you still won't be able to finish all of them in a day