Los Angeles the truth

August 17, 2008 5:24am CST
ok its a given fact that Los Angeles is a very popular city. Its true that there are alot of bad places alot of bums on the street and crack heads but. but my question is why don't they ever show and good stuff it LA on t.v. all you see is people doing documentarys about gangs and shoot outs they make seem like its so horrible that now one should live there unless you want to live in the "ghetto" and rick your life I don't know maybe I am wrong or just really high but please let me know
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@sanjo0679 (225)
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24 Sep 08
All big cities have have good areas and bad areas. My daughter and I visited LA a couple for years ago and loved it. We had heard all sorts of bad things about it and were a bit skeptical about the trip. After we explored a bit, and believe me were were everywhere, we actually loved the place. There was so much to see and do that we didn't want to leave. My daughter was completely infatuated with Hollywood and we managed to go there every day that we were there. (I was a bit disturbed by the fact that Hollywood Blvd. was as dirty as it was. It's not like the money's not there to clean keep it clean.) We spent time downtown as well and really didn't see anything we hadn't already seen in other cities. Television is going to show areas that are consistent with the story line of whichever show that's being taped. If it's a program mostly about crime it's only natural that they're going to be showing the bad parts of the city.
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18 Sep 08
Well sourcherry, hmmmm let me think. 1st thing is that I only see the good stuff about LA on TV and hardly ever see the bad. I just figured that they wanted to put a goo view of LA out there to the public. But you say you only see the bad, hmmmm. Well, I'll tell you the truth about LA. The whole SAn Fernando Valley which is a large part of LA is 98% Mexicans. It never used to be that way. Also downtown LA is the only place where there is the real crime. Hollywood itself used to be homeless people and narcotic attics and working girls. They have cleaned it up a lot. It's not so bad there now for tourists. There used to be certain sections of Hollywood where different things occurred. Hollywood Blvd. was for the women work girls andnarcotics.. Trannys as well. The next street over was Sunset Blvd. where the male working men if you know what I mean, worked the streets for other guys. Then there was Santa monica Blvd. Wait, it's been a long time, the male "working men." worked Santa Monica Blvd. I forget what Sunset was. I believe it was more female working girls. Oh well you get the idea. The real nice places were only blocks away, where the rif raf never entered. They knew it was not their place, like Beverly Hills. also Hollywood hills. The movie stars and the very wealthy live at these two places. They have no fast food restaurants there. The beach areas all the way up the coast are all good areas except for just a few right next to Santa Monica area. Like Venice. Venice beach is a fun beach but not very clean and full of mexicans and homeless. Not saying that Santa Monica itself is not nice, cuz it's really not bad at all. Just the beaches. But all the rest of the way up the coast is fabulous. When you visit LA, you wont be going to Downtown LA because there is nothing to see, so it really makes no difference.The traffic sucks on the freeways. La is a great place to visit not to live. It's pretty much Mexico unless you're rich and famous. There it is in a nutshell. Hope that helped you some.
@Aiwendel (105)
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30 Aug 08
I think they show both sides, in the movies and TV series for example, L.A is often glorified. But I'll agree that theres been a lot of documentaries about bad stuff but I think its just the current trend of the media. Covering topics that used to be taboo like what goes on in prison and gang life.