Opinions on song remakes (covers)

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November 5, 2006 1:58am CST
I listen to a variety of music but my heart belongs to rock. I have heard many different remakes of songs over the years and have found some to be better than the original artist and some that are severly lacking. Loved it when Limp Bizkit remade Faith by George Michaels. There rendition of The Who's Behind Blue Eyes mad for the movie Gothika was good too except I was disappointed that they left out the uptempo part. Of course you can find these songs on yahoo music or by doing a google search. I got to thinking about this topic while listening to www.scrubradio.com (internet radio I enjoy hense my username). I heard a remake of Phil Collins's In The Air Tonight by a band called Callbox. The cut is live and has a brief part of the singer talking to the audience but the music starts shortly after. I brought it up for discussion here because it is probably unheard of in most parts of the world. You can hear the song here http://www.scrubrecords.com/artists/1130/music.php While the remake in this case isn't as good as the original, I applaude the effort to convert the song into rock. Callbox's orignal tune Strange Days is my favorite from the band. The lead singer is an has been for years a roadie for the band Tesla and works at J-Street studios in Sacramento California. Nancy Sinatra's song These Boots Are Made For Walking has been covered and remade by alot of different artists over the years but my all time favorite was when Dave Mustane of MegaDeth reproduced it with a metal twist. My vote for worst remake is Evanescense doing Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box. Amy Lee has a beautiful voice in my opinion but she should have left this song alone. So now its your turn. What did ya think of the above Phil Collins remake? What is your opinon on remakes in general? Do you have a favorite remake that you would like to add to the discussion. I'd be glad to listen to and discuss any of them.
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@ChewySpree (1832)
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18 Nov 06
The Phil Collins remake was pretty good. To be honest I have never been a huge fan of that song, so I like the remake better than the original. My favorite remake is Tori Amos' version of "Rattlesnakes". She does a brilliant job on it.
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• United States
20 Nov 06
I found a copy of Rattlesnakes to listen to on Rhapsody and enjoyed the listen. Tori has a beautiful voice. Upon listening to it I was reminded of another great cover done by Smashing Pumpkins called Landslide. The song was originally written/preformed by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Thanks for turning me on to the Tori Amos cover.
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@AmbiePam (49880)
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17 Mar 07
My favorite remake of a song was Mariah Carey's version of "Without You" that was previously done by Hary Nilsson. My least favorite remake is Trishs Yearwood's version of "How Do I." LeAnn Rhimes did it for the movie, Con Air, but they thought she sounded immature. So they had Trisha do it. I do not know why.
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20 Mar 07
Interesting, I did not know that. I remember the movie but not the remake. Have to check it out.
@gifana (4836)
• Portugal
28 Nov 06
Andrew Sisters - picture of the Andrew Sisters dressed in unifirm during their USO tours during World War II
I'm afraid you are out of my age group to compete with your discussion. However, I have very few good remakes. For example, IF by Cream and the remake by Julio Iglesias...latter just doesnt do it for me. Perhaps one of the best exception to the rule is William Nelson....one of my favorites is Golden Earrings from a movie of the same name with Ray Milland. Bette Midler has done a few good remakes.....Boogie Woogie Bugle Man original by the Andrew Sisters. Frankie and Dino tried to sing some of Bing's songs but couldn't hold a candle to the master. I could go on but no one will have much time to post anything (that is, of course, they are interested in what you and I got to say...hehehe)