living under a code................... i hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 17, 2008 9:29am CST
When you meet people you should say this,when you go to church do that,dont say whats in your mind if your in that kind of situation, dont lie in some places and lie in other places................and it goes on and on and on. The code of life that everyone follows and if you ask "does anyone know who created this stuff ?" the most probable answer would be "some wise guy". It overloads the mind if you ask me. you should be able to speak your mind and leave no complications and live free. feel free to give in some codes that you think you follow !!!!!!!!!!!!
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• Philippines
17 Aug 08
I agree that you should be able to speak out your mind when you want to, but not all codes are there to demean who you are, rather they are somewhat good for you. Some of these old code are better off being followed today. The way I see it without these codes it can be a little more chaotic today than we would prefer. I know its sad and even frustrating that parents make their children follow these codes to the dot yet they themselves don't, but that does not mean that the codes are the culprit for all your pains, rather its your enforces who are wrong. We really can't live as we please because society has rules. I know you could say that you don't care what society dictates, that you are your own person, but if you want to be part of society you do need to conform with its rules. We may not like it, but its better than the alternative which is being an outcast. Its sad, but there are people in this world that abuse the word freedom. For example you live as you want, eventually someone emulates you and your belief, and soon enough many more people do the same, next thing you know common courtesies will be forgotten, no more thank yous or after yous, then it can be followed by more fiendish things and in the end you get yourself and even your feelings trampled and hurt. You'll say that your rights are being violated but no one will care because you are your own individual and they are theirs and they don't care about you, they care for themselves and themselves alone. I hope you don't take my opinion wrongly. This is just how I view your topic.