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August 17, 2008 9:55am CST
parents,family,kids,spouce or mate,who would you say you love the most,i mean from the heart,how much does that person mean to you,and have you ever told them?Ho w much time do you spend with them and why?
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17 Aug 08
honestly i think that you can care for some alot but i thiunk love is over rated i mean it doens't pay the bills, it can start problems, i mean its just a crazy word
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17 Aug 08
i think you are absolutely right,love is over rated in my opinion the word love has so many different meanings great response.
17 Aug 08
Hi mommammusic, My best friend, but we don;t see that much of each othe but we are on the phone nearly every day and we are soul mates we have been so close since we were young and we understands each other very much. Tamara