How do you clean up your cats poo-poo?

@Kofficup (150)
August 17, 2008 10:31am CST
Stinky and the most foul smelling ever that I have smelled that will rock the whole sinuses, how do you clean them up? I love cat but I hate the smell of their manure. The stink of the cow and carabaos manure smells so organic maybe because they are vegetarian, they eat grass. My nephew who was only 5 years old when he had his first male cat named Pogi. As a child, he loved to cuddle his little pet. One evening, the boy decided to have his cat slept with him in the bedroom they shared with his grandma. The cat made poo-poo inside the bedroom that woke them up at an unholy hour. How do you train your pets to be clean and they know where to poo? We have a kinda offensive disciplinary action for cats who are doing such. Cats must be disciplined so that they will find their place to move their wastes out. My mom pushes the face of a kitten on to their poo and hit their butt with stick. Not that much strong but at least the cat must remember to not poo everywhere.
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@Robin55 (225)
• United States
19 Aug 08
Kofficup, it is quite clear that you need to get a litter box for the cat. Cats by nature prefer to cover up their waste to avoid detection by other predators and when outdoors will do this with grass or dirt. If you are going to keep a cat totally indoors than it is your responsibility to provide the cat with a place to go. Once you have gotten a litter box and the litter, wait until the cat has gone somewhere and then place the poop in the litter box and place the cat in the box with the poop. He or she will get the idea with very little fuss. It's very important that you DO NOT do anything to discourage the cat from going in the box such as pushing its face in the poop or hitting it. Doing this will only make the cat think that it shouldn't do its business in the box. Give the cat a few days to learn this and see how it goes. The current way that your mom is trying to train the cat will only make the cat afraid of people and/or nasty which will cause even more problems. Let me know if you have other questions and I'll do my best to help you.
@zeny_zion (1284)
• Philippines
18 Aug 08
i have this basin for baby bathe which is now used as their toilet. i put newspaper on it. ill change it if it has poop or wet already.
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
17 Aug 08
cats are smart. they know where to do their poo thing if you give them a proper place to do it. we live here in sweden and in an apartment. our cats live inside our apartment 24 hours a day. that means, they do their poopoo inside the apartment. ofcourse, we bought a cat litter box for them. we change the catsand of the litter box twice a week to keep it clean somehow for our health and the cats' health, too. when you put a cat litter box anywhere inside their house, they will remember it and will poo there whenever it is necessary. please do change their catsand once or twice a week.