What makes you happy?

August 17, 2008 11:27am CST
What really makes me happy is to see my parents and brothers happy. Nothing compares to the feeling of joy and fulfillment of seeing them happy especially in just simple things. I think what really makes a person happy is the feeling of contentment in everything that you do and doing selfless acts. If God permits me in the future, I would be much happier if I could help more people in my own little way and that I am making a difference in someone else's lives. :-)
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• Romania
18 Aug 08
As everybody i'm happy when my family is happy...even tho we have long distances betwwen us (that sux) but when we all mee is the happyest and luckyes day of my life. Also my girlfriends makes me happy....she's the one that makes me forget my family is not near me adn i appreciate her for that.
• United States
18 Aug 08
I'm happy when my family is happy. I have a tendency to live vicariously through people and I've been this way since I was younger. I can have a fleeting moment of pure happiness because of something my family has said or done. I like making a difference in people's lives if they'll let me.
@jaffna (778)
• India
18 Aug 08
my mom and my brother are most important for me..i feel very happy whenever am with them..also am happy when i meet ma school friends....the third thing that makes me happy is surfing..its a new world for me...
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
17 Aug 08
just like you, it makes me happy whenever i know that my family is happy, in good health and financially stable. whenever i look at the face of my loving boyfriend, it makes me happy... even just thinking about him. you are right, being contented and thankful with the blessings you have in life should make us already happy.