Have You Ever Heard Of This? Is this True?

@payout (3722)
United States
August 17, 2008 1:27pm CST
Well this seems true to me but I don't know ha ha.. Well What I'm talking about is People and making Babies lol ha ha. I heard that if you want a good beautiful baby and a good looking child when they become a teen and a even when they grow up and become an adult. Well that takes one old person and one sexy person. HAHA... Like if your mom is sexy and your day is ugly then your probably good looking or if it's the opposite way it's the same deal. I think this is sort of true ha ha.. my Mom is pretty and my Dad isn't all good looking ha ha.. I think J.Lo is going to have beautiful kids because her husband is ugly ha..haha [b] Do You THink This is True? Do You Think It's the Opposite way? [/b]
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@valeria1 (2723)
• United States
17 Aug 08
Well I did not resarch that topic yet, but I will observe if that is true. My father and mother were both pretty and my brother and I are gorgeous, LOL! So I need to investigate and come back to you with an answer. Thank you.
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