How many PTC sites do you have open and click on at once?

@eveeee (659)
August 17, 2008 4:57pm CST
I was just wondering if others do the same? I use firefox when surfing ads, and internet explorer to sign up as referrals don't always show otherwise. In Firefox I open about 8 tabs and then set each PTC going and click them in turn. I found that doing one site at a time took forever but this way I can click on many sites over a much shorter period of time. It also means I have the time to sign up to more. Do you have many open at once and if so how many or do you prefer to do one site at a time only? Have you ever clicked on ads that are open too? I have and have found some good sites through them.
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• United States
17 Aug 08
I usually do about three at a time so that I don't lose track of what things that I have already opened so I don't have to continously have to hit refresh. I use to do all eight of my sites at once to get them out of the way but I would get confused and I would end up either accidently hitting something twice or waiting to refresh. I did the same thing with with one at a time and that just takes forever. I have signed up for one or two of the sites through the sites, but lately I like to trade refs.
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