Does a gold medal really matter? a gold medal means...

@XoyyoX (1055)
August 17, 2008 9:08pm CST
Does a gold medal really matter? i saw that some atheletes wept to get a silver medal, coz they were supposed to get the gold one, i saw an athelete threw his bornze medal onto the floor claiming that he came to beijing to get the GOLD medal, i saw so many gold medal tallies put on the top of each newspaper, with an exception that US uses the "medal count" not the "gold medal tally". I heard that an indian gold medal winner could travel around India totally free without buying any tickets, GOLD GOLD GOLD! how about those with 4th place, 10th place? i heard that in some countries, the president or the king or queen will host a dinner party for the gold medal winners who may also be awarded with more than 1 million dollars. Does a gold medal make a millionarie? What more can a gold medal tell us?
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@subha12 (18453)
• India
19 Aug 08
yes an Olympic Gold is what it is. it is my belief. I am from India. the person won the first individual Gold for india, you amy laugh at it. But its the truth. so hje will be traeted like a king.
• India
19 Aug 08
yes, a gold medalist should be treated with respect and granted liberties. but i think it should be their modesty in things what to do and what not to do. everybody wants to shower praises on the winners. the losers, people think were not putting effort or not upto the mark. but i think it is not so. the only thing which separates a winner from a loser in the olympics is only the LUCK FACTOR..
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
18 Aug 08
Well... you know that everybody has their pride. I mean, if you work so hard and you believe that your work is better than the other and you should be credited for that, but ended up with your friends get the credits of their work that you think is not worth the award, would you feel okay? I believe you would feel the disappointment, and you would feel that you are cheated or maybe you would blame the system. It is about the big heart to accept the lose, and sportmanship should taught the athlettes that. But sometimes people are just too proud to accept it...