August 18, 2008 2:17am CST
I think my wife is a hypochondriac. Is this really serious? Is it considered a mental illness? She's usually preoccupied with different diseases everyday even if she looks perfectly well to me. Her anxiety levels about illness and death are high. Ive been telling her to just go see a doctor every time she thinks she's sick. Somehow it gives her relief but sometimes she's just too lazy to go. I think she's also aware of her being some sort of a hypochondriac coz she's a nurse. I think she's trying to deal with it all by herself. Its just that i know her too well and I know she's bothered. Well Im bothered too. What should i do? I also noticed that sometimes she has this obssessive-compulsive behavior. Help.
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
18 Aug 08
Hi patrick, welcome to mylot and have a happy stay here with us. It is a problem my friend. I have known some hypochondriac people and it is hard to stay with them but sometimes it is fanny. When two hypochondriacs are together it is very funny because they start to tell about illnesses and each one want to be more sick than the other. I think that nothing to do with those people because they like to guess that they have illnesses. Sorry but I can't help you with this problem. Hope you can find a solution.