what according to you is true love?

August 18, 2008 8:34am CST
i say true love is a gift that has to be valued. it's not something that you find one day and put it somewhere to be admired...true love is a part of life having a life of its own....if properly valued it will grow and become deeper and more valuable....true love is knowing when you have found the love of your life...the one who is importatnt to you more than even yourself...the one your entire being tells you is the one for you....when two people find true love and put each others hopes, dreams and feelings above their own and communicate in such a way...that it builds the other up and share their innermost thoughts....all the beautiful things happen... there is a saying " a dog can spend its life being mistreated and still welcome its master...that's TRUE LOVE"
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@ushaqwer (95)
• India
19 Aug 08
true love is first of all caring.any person should really care for the other.when one person cares the other will understand well about the person.anybody who says that their love is true must be ready to sacrifice their life.