what fun has your dog done lately?

United States
August 18, 2008 12:16pm CST
I have a golden retriever. He is about three years old. Like any other day. Me and my husband start for our afternoon walk, while the kids ride their bikes. Our dog comes with us like normal Saturday. We get down the road about 1500 feet. One of the twin girls yells. Look momma and daddy. It was a armodilla. It was coming right at her. So my husband takes so pictures of it. My oldest tells our dog to come here. She tells the dog look and she points. The dog starts toward the animal. He stops and looks at the armodilla. His hair stands up on his back and off he goes. The whole time he is trying to pick up the creature. It keeps rolling in a ball. The twins have to go and pull the dog away so we can keep walking. When we come back by the dog aheads out into the bushes looking for it again. So what has your dog done that is funny/ What kind of dog do you have?
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