August 22, 2006 6:01am CST
if you were in a boat and your mother and your sweet heart was in the boat and it was about to sink.if you could only save one person who would it be? Mother or sweet heart
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@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 13
In my case, I would save my sweet heart since she does not know how to swim while my mother does. Just to be frank, my love for my sweet heart is a lot more compared to the love I have for my mother. Because she is the one who betrayed my dad, the one who breaks the family to pieces, the one who continuously ask her children to just go and die, the one who have never shown a slight sense of love to her children. Worst yet, she never realize the mistakes she did and blame it all on us.
• United States
22 Aug 06
My mother and I would be sailing back together. Blood is thicker than water. How would I know he was my one and only true love. I only get on mother,I can get a new sweety. I would not jump over to save anyone as I am terrified of sharks. There is no way in hell,unless it was my daughter.
@limboh (30)
• Austria
22 Aug 06
That would be too hard of a decision to make. Knowing me, I would sacrifice myself and let the two of them be saved.