you your bf and your sister

@shamzy18 (2319)
August 18, 2008 4:53pm CST
what would you do if your boyfriend and your sister was chatting to each other, had a thing with each other but you dont exactly know what. he was going to dump you for your sister. your sister claims she was telling him not too but your boyfriend claims he got lead on and the sister felt the same way about him. who would you believe your sister or your boy friend ? if a guy is about to dump you surely there has been something going on for him having strong feelings. what would you do ? will u be naive and take your sisters side as she is your sister or will you see the real picture
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19 Aug 08
i wouldn't take either one of sides. i think they'd both be pretty sorry to that to you.
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18 Aug 08
well I have been there. I was with a guy for a couple years, we broke up and the next day he was with my sister, they dated about a week or two then he was back with me...It's weird and I hated them both for a long time but hey blood is thicker than water..Needless to say hes out of the picture and my sister and I are still best friends.. Plus i make her jealous cause I'm the younger sister (25) and I am married with a child and she is older (27) single with no a great night.