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@phisha84 (286)
United States
August 18, 2008 5:43pm CST
ok this is kinda funny and kinda sad at the same time, ok you ready? If your boyfriend asks you what you want to eat and you respond... Well we could go to KFC they got good chicken, but if I got chicken I would wanna get it from Popeyes. If you want chinese we could go to Yen Ching, Jumbo Buffet, Buffet city...But if I wanted chinese I'd go to China king. We could go to Subway too I like subway but then again there's Long John Silvers and that sounds good to but I might wanna have Arby's I love there Roast beef(Giant), deffinately not Taco Bell there cheap and good but I won't get full but ten tacos is just too much But my favorite is Mexican food...we could go to Trec Compandres but they like to stare at you, we could go to El Rancherio they're really good but not the one in Taylorville they burn the food and not the one by the mall cause they are perverts....I really like El rodio they're alittle expensive but give you your moneys worth, but I don't like the one by walmart cause they always play with my kids when I'm trying to get them to eat. Or if you want drive-throu we can go to McDonald, Hardees, Whataburger, Chick-Fillet, Carl Jr., but Culvers sounds good but I'd prefer Whataburger YUMO! Wow thats alot right? Give your boyfriend that responce and see if his mouth don't drop and then with bulging eyes ask you if you're serious LOL I hate it when I ask him what he wants and he's like I don't know....so then he's like what do you want and you're like I don't know....so yeah do that next time LOL
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@jammyt (2824)
• Philippines
18 Aug 08
That always happens to us. I think it's very common with couples or friends. It has something to do with personalities and gender. Most guys wont mind where to eat as long as you put something in their stomach. Girls have more cravings than guys and are more picky eater. usually, guys like girls who can decide at once where to eat or at least suggest the place rather than ask the boyfriend WHERE to eat.