South Africa
August 22, 2006 6:11am CST
i think its f*@#ing time our presidents take responsiblility for their actions.weather it happend a 100 yrs ago r current. i think just a old crimes of war can be brough up and people get judged on that for crimes against humanity. our presidents and politians + war officers must be punish for whats happening today. if they want to fight and sort out a problem seek and find the people responseble. meaning if they r hidding amongst innocent people in HIZBOLAH into the territories and find them than deal with them. i believe any one who has the firepower and is as brave to start a war. should show they have the balls to walk into were ever the problem is occurring and not hide behind their borderline and let any innocent get in the crossfire. so i believe that the title should not protect them for the hurt they course.and i would like a to hear from u out there. i know that u have a wright to believe in what u r fighting for but' leave those out those innocent out of it.i just received a email of what is happing with the current war of Isreal and i wish i could share the pictures with u.of a BABY,my daughters age of 3 months,a body without a head. what did that child do to Isreal for her to loose her head or her life? people r sick.
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