I am Confused

August 22, 2006 6:13am CST
People say love is blind and yet some say they rather have true love
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@rainbow (6763)
22 Aug 06
True love can be a bit blind, you know the other person has flaws but if someone else said so you would defend your true love to the end. True love accepts your beloved for who they really are, without trying to change them - much anyway.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
22 Aug 06
Please do not get confused. When they say Love is blind meaning 1.you are prepared to do anything for love 2. In love anything can happen, because love is blind 3. person belonging to one race marry person belonging to another race 4. Ugly person marries beautiful man/woman, because love is blind. 5. A normal person marries a blind person (compassion) 6. Even if a person's parents object for your marriage with a particular girl, you still insist that you want to marry. To say have pure love means Your total love and affection to your loved one No second thoughts about you love to your promised one so on and so forth.