How hot does the temperature have to be before you've had enough?

August 18, 2008 9:42pm CST
It is so hot here the past few days! Today we broke a record when we officially hit 33.7 degrees Celcius, though in some places the temperature was showing as high as 37. Most people don't have air conditioners in their homes here, so we can only do our best with fans and trying to keep the sun out in order to keep our homes cool. Unfortunately when it's this hot it gets to a point where they don't really help anymore and all you can do is wait for the sun to go down so it starts cooling off. I don't handle heat very well, I don't sweat like most people and because of that I just feel horrible when it's hot. All day I've just felt like a zombie, so exhausted that I can't function but it's so hot an attempt at some sleep didn't go well. I like the temperature when it's in the high teens or low twenties(in celcius), with some warm days around 25 and some cool days in the low teens thrown in there. But unfortunately where I live it is possible to have it as cold as almost -40 in winter and as hot as almost +40 in summer.
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@ashar123 (2359)
• India
21 Aug 08
I am from Pakistan and where I live the temperature rises to almost 52 Degrees Centigrade. In winter the temperature stays close to 0 and its does not snow where I am in Pakistan. In the northern areas of Pakistan it snows and the temperature there goes almost -20. But its your good stamina to be living in -40 Degrees Centigrade and +40 is also hot temperature. This year when it was 52, I almost felt that everything in me like liver etc. have stopped functioning. I do not know what is the temperature when mankind says its enough but it was pretty hot here this year.
• Canada
21 Aug 08
Oh my, I could never tolerate 52! Last summer when we got to the high 30's I had to have my husband take the kids and I out for a drive so we could get some relief with the a/c in the car.
@vegegirl (828)
• Australia
19 Aug 08
Hi Jomom it gets pretty hot here and i don't have an aircon, so in summer I just often sit around - going to work is a pleasure then as it is airconditioned. We have had visitors come in summer who have been pretty ill with the heat. At the moment it is our winter and the weather is going between 11 at night and 26 some day - I find this pretty cold and don't have enough warm clothes. Summer gets hot, our record was 42.1C in 2005, often it gets up to the 30's and you don't want to go outside. Drink lots of cold water, I think celery juice is cooling and coconut water! Beijing gets that sort of wheather - snows sometimes but gets very hot other times - I think it has been in the 30's for the olympics. The bad thing about our summer is that you can't swim in the sea as we get stingers/jellyfish at that time - so it is so hot that you want to swim in the sea and you can see a beautiful beach, but you can't go in it.
• Canada
21 Aug 08
Oh my gosh, needing warm clothes for 26 degrees? That's about when I start trying to wear as little as possible! I can't even go for a walk when it's that hot or I get heat stroke. If that's your winter, your winter is our summer, because that's pretty close to our day and night temps.